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Cutting keys according to the photo 

Dear customers, we now offer cutting keys using a photo, where you just need to send a photo of your key in an email, messenger, whatsapp, signal or other platform and we will solve it for you
price 189, - CZK / pc

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The multi-purpose wireless GSM alarm iGET SECURITY is ideal for securing all buildings - houses, flats, cottages, garages, shops, warehouses, etc. 

It is a wireless alarm with simple installation and operation.
No wire stretching or complicated setup is required to connect the detectors to the central unit.
The detectors are wireless and battery-powered, and in the basic set, they all communicate with each other. Adding more detectors is a matter of minutes.
The central unit contains a slot for a SIM card, which informs about the alarm - SMS and calls.
All you have to do is insert the SIM card and enter the numbers to which the messages are to be sent or a call is made.
If the power supply is disconnected, the central unit contains a battery lasting up to 8 hours and therefore the building is still secured.

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Dekodér KATANA HU66 2gen VW Group

Je to inovativní nástroj a jeho použití je spolehlivé a co nejméně náročné. Katana dekodér používá nový designový koncept čtvrté generace Stačí pouze zatřást doleva a doprava, zámek se rychle odemkne a snadno načte stavítka zámku. Nemusíte investovat čas do učení se složitých měřítek a dalších nástrojů.  

5,200.00 Kč